Thursday, December 23, 2010


tick tock tick tock the clock is thicking...
why oh why days pass by so fast?
My vacation is almost over. Time flies soooo fast.
I've been here almost a month...
but it seem that i juzzt arrived..
I'll leavin' this comin' saturday evening..
if only kunak & ampang are closer...
i'm so sure i'll go here frequently..

i think it's now time to summarize what i've done :
 jalan2 with me sis Shima almost every tuesday

jalan2 with hubby every weekend 
(IKEA, SOGO, PV, KLCC, Cameron etc.)
jalan2 with friends (adul, ana - (Melaka)  ina, bad & onald)

Mrs.heart of mine ...stop crying

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